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"Here Is ONE Very Important Fact That Your Alkaline Water Ionizer Vendor Will Never Tell you... Well, It Is Possible That He Doesn't Know About It Too!"

If You Noticed The pH of The Alkaline Water Produced by Your Alkaline Water Ionizer Has Dropped Compared To When It Was New. This Can Be What Happened To The Electrolysis Plates In Your Ionizer...

Alkaline Water 1


Alkaline Water 2


Alkaline Water 3


Alkaline Water 4


Alkaline Water 5

I am an Alkaline Water Consultant for a company selling alkaline water ionizer for many years. The reason I set up this website is to help more people around the world to understand the true benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water and the science behind the alkaline water ionizer. Everything I share here is out of years of reading and researches and my personal experience with hundreds of people drinking ionized alkaline water.

Due to some sensitive reasons, I cannot publicly tell you what happened to those titanium-platinum plates but you definitely do not want to let your family drink the water that passes through all those scary rusts, do you? B

Here is the good news... Formation of those rusts is preventable! There is a way to maintain the electrolysis plates so it can last as long as 10, 20, 30 years or MORE!

I was fascinated by ionized alkaline water since the very first day it was introduced to me. I had been drinking this wonderful water for 8 years and I am really amazed by the result. I have never visited doctor since then. I hardly catch flu or down with fever and my waist line had never changed for years and my skin is glowing.

I strongly believe that everyone living in this highly acidified mordern world needs to drink ionized alkaline water on top of supplements and medicine! I have a strong urge to share whatever I know about this wonderful water to as many people as I can.

Watch Out For The Junk Information Out There!

If you are planning to purchase a unit of alkaline water ionizer, kindly invest some time to do some research about this powerful technology before making any buying decision.

If you are from western continents, it will be quite hard for you to obtain reliable information regarding ionized alkaline water from book stores or libraries.

Most of the information about ionized alkaline water found on the Internet is either biased or commercially written. You might see million or search results when you google "alkaline water", try read through some of them and you will soon realize they are the same piece of information telling over and over again by different resellers. You will also come across articles that campare different brand of ionizers and condemning each other.

Unscientific Scientific Accusation by So Called Professionals

And then you will also read some critical articles saying that ionized alkaline water is no good for the body, especially the one that claims that ionized alkaline water is "Snake Oil On Tap"! This arrogant professor even came up with some scientific equations to prove his claim! I was so disappointed by this PhD chemist because there is a serious mistake in his equations! He forgot to include the minerals in the equations! Even a high school student knows that it requires mineral ions in the water for the electrolysis process to happen!

Multi Level Sales Talk. Why Pay More For Them?

Then come another MLM Company in the States that is selling their alkaline water ionizers at 3 or 4 times higher than the price for the same quality machine in Asia! They claim their machine is the pioneer and it is the best in the market and blah blah blah all the sales talk. Well, Toyota used to be the best too!

If you buy your alkaline water ionizer from them, you are not paying more for better quality. More than 60% of what you pay is used to feed the marketing system that is full of uplines, downlines, sidelines, bonuses, etc. Look, it is a Internet world now, and you can buy anything DIRECT online at a much cheaper price, all you need is to have the right information to help you make the right buying decision.

In order to obtain geniune information about this technology, you have to trace it back to where it is invented, Japan. This technology has been around for more than 60 years in Asia, and it is very popular especially in Korea and Taiwan. Countless researches and case studies had been conducted by the scientists here and many publications have been around for decades.

It is quite impossible for you to fly all the way to Asia to collect unbiased knowledge about ionized alkaline water. Here is the possible cost involved:

Return Air Ticket USD$
Hotel Accomodation (7 Nights) USD$
Transportation USD$
Hire A Translator USD$
Buying Related Books USD$

Well, once you know how Ionized Alkaline Water can help lower down or even eliminates the risk of you getting all those modern diseases (hypertension, diabetes, gout, heart diseases, and cancer), even paying USD$10,000 is worth it! Nothing is more important than good health.

But, do you really have to spend those kind of money and waste so much time just for an answer? Of course not! I can save you a lot of time and efforts from reading all these books about ionized alkaline water.

water ionizer water ionizer water ionizer 3
water ionizer 4 water ionizer 5 ionized water 6
ionized water 7 ionized water 8 ionized water 9
ionized water 1 ionized water 2 ionized water 3
ionized water 4 ionized water 5 ionized water 6
ionized water 7 ionized water 8 ionized water 9
ionized water 21 ionized water 22 ionized water 23

Look, reading books alone cannot get a complete understanding on how effective ionized alkaline water help our body. I have seen and hear stories myself from my clients on how drinking ionized alkaline has improved the quality of their lives. I have also heard complaints that drinking this water makes no differences. It took me a while to figure out why some people experience the benefit, and some do not. There is nothing wrong with the ionized alkaline water, it is just a matter of how they drink it. One have to know the right amount, right pH and when to drink it in order the get maximum result.

I've just completed my very first e-report about those rusted plates of alkaline water ionizer and how you can prevent it from forming in your current of future alkaline water ionizer.

"The Secret of Plates"


It costs me financial resources and time to run this website and prepare genuine information for my newsletter. I don't want my years of hard work and researches being abused by some irresponsible parties.

I'm offering this 100% genuine e-report at USD$39.97, together with Premier Personal Consultation about the benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water. You will get the direct access to my personal e-mail address (which I check everyday!) inside that e-report.

Because I have to reply your enquiry Personally, that's why I have to limit this offer only for the first 30 clients ONLY that take action fast. Please understand that I am not a super computer that auto-reply thousands of enquiries. Thus, you might not see this Premier Personal Consultation offer again upon your next visit.




Market Value : $39.97
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Note: I will remove this link or the whole website all together as soon as it reaches the limit or if I discover that someone abuses this report. Seriously, this $14.97 you invest will save you hundreds or thousands of dallars in the future. Most important is, you will bring great health for you and your family...


Please try my consultation service for 60 days. Use this service to the max. If you are not thrilled by what you get, then I want you to simply write and tell me and I will send you a prompt and courteous, no questions asked, 100% refund. You can choose to keep my $39.97 worth of secret knowledge or throw it away. All risk is on me.

On the other hand, if what you get from this e-report or my personal consultatation has helped you to gain a better understanding of Alkaline Water Ionizer, then I want you to e-mail me your testimonial to tell me what you feel about this report and tell all your friends about it too. Thank you!

Alkaline Water Risk Free Guarantee




An Alkaline Water Ionizer can cost you anything between USD$1,300 to USD$3,500. What makes certain brand cost so much? What are the differences? Do you really have to pay a few thousands more to buy something that you THINK is better just because it is more expensive and popular?

I know it is hard to make a decision, especially when it is a product which is relatively new in the marketplace where there is not much or NO official technical comparisons (not those comparisons made by the sellers which is trying to condemn the competitors) like what we have in the automobile or electronics industry.

Sneak Peek of the report

Ionized Water 1


Ionized Water 2


Ionized Water 3


Ionized Water 4


Ionized Water 5


Nothing to Lose, But Everything To Gain

This USD$14.97 you are going to invest will definitely saves you a few hundreds if not thousands dollars in the future either in investing a right alkaline water ionizer or preventing your existing water ionizer from rusting. The best part of all is... It is totally RISK FREE! You can always ask for a Full Refund if you are not happy with this report. Well, does your alkaline water ionizer dealer offer any refund policy? Forget about those 5 Years or Lifetime Warranty thing, they might be out of business in a few years time.



All transaction is through the reputable ClickBank Online Payment System. It is safe and 100% secure.

NOTE: "The Secret of Plates" is a downloadable electronic book. No physical products will be shipped. After your order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-report onto your computerl. The e-report is a Adobe Acrobat PDF file, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.


For Your Health,

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P.S.S:I might have to raise the price any day from now because of the production costs and I genuinely want you to have this offer. You have never seen anything like it. This method or approach is cannot be found in stores because it's considered as an alternative of the alternatives

If you wonder why I am revealing all of this, it is because I want to share what I know and 100% sure effective method to as many people as possible. It is hard for me to fly over there to share my specialized knowledge with you. I reckon this book is the best way for me to share it with you. I love seeing others succeed from my discoveries and I more than happy to hear stories of you getting good health through ionized alkaline water. So remember, I look forward to YOUR personal testimonial. All the best! Get YOUR Copy now!

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